Webinar and FAQs is now We recently held a webinar which gave an overview of the new website look, along with key changes and improvements. A recording of this is below, along with the questions raised during the session and our responses.


Can we share webinar recordings with our colleagues? 

You can access the recording of the webinar below, which you can share with colleagues.


Will members of the public still be able to access roadworks information without a log-in? 

Yes, members of the public will be able to see the next 2 weeks of planned works, including closures and diversions, without a log-in. Only a small sub-set of the information which was present on requires users to log-in to It is free to sign-up and will enable us to improve our service for operational users.


I already have an account on, will I need a new account? 

No, existing users of will continue to use the same account. We recommend you log-in using your email address and password, there is no need to remember a separate user account name anymore.


Do users need to pay for accounts? 

There are now three types of user who access

  • Pubic users: Public users can continue to access roadworks information for free without a user account.
  • Registered users: Users who require operational information, such as works greater than 2 weeks in the future, operational layers such as NSG data or advanced search options can sign-up for a free account.
  • Subscribed users: Users will already have an existing account they have been accessing at Subscribed users will continue to have access to their existing services but now accessed via the site.


When will I be able to manage my organisations User Community myself? 

We are currently working on the ability for Organisation Administrators to create, update and delete users and their permissions. This will be released in the coming weeks.  


Will I be able to access past road closure information and diversion routes? 

Users with access to the Traffic Management module will still be able to view expired and cancelled plans using the Search & Edit function. Please contact us to find out more about Traffic Management module.


Do I need to do anything to my own website which has a map embedded? 

You do not need to take any immediate action as we are continuing to support our existing embedded map. Shorty after the release of we will send out information to all of our embedded map users on when they will transition to the new design and what will be changing. Please contact us if you wold like to know more about embedded maps.


Will any of the services I subscribe to be changing? 

All of our existing services including Traffic Management module, Content Management and Network Monitor (previously TM App, Comms App and RT Map respectively) will retain all of their existing functionality but with a slicker UI and more consistent user experience.


How do I suggest improvements to 

We are continually working on improving the platform and would love you to share your ideas with us and other users here.


Can we view historical works on the platform? 

Historical works are available for subscribing organisations on Please contact us to find out more.


Will existing email alerts continue to work? 

Yes, any email alerts which are already set up will continue to be supported and will now be served by the platform.


How long will remain active? 

We will be switching off as soon as goes live. Anybody who tries to access will be automatically redirected to and any direct links you have provided to customers will continue to be supported, automatically redirecting to the platform.


When will the remaining councils; Durham, Lancashire, Cumbria, etc. be joining and sharing roadworks data? 

Durham have joined us and are now sharing their roadworks data. We are working hard to ensure we can get full coverage of the UK, we hope the remaining local authorities will join us soon!


With the old, you could view your area by placing the local authority in front of the url. Will you be able to do the same with ? 

This feature continues to be available by appending /custom/[Local Authority] at the end of, for example: We also offer subscribers the ability to embed the map in their own websites, please contact us to find out more.



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