Highway Authorities

one.network is the new standard in network and traffic management solutions for highway authorities.

At one.network we help highway and transport authorities manage their road networks.

Our platform is the most widely used network management solution in the UK. At the core of what we do is enable authorities to get the most out of their road networks and communicate reliable information to the public.

Using one.network on a daily basis, highway authorities:

  • plan and coordinate works and events, streamlining regulatory processes and minimising disruption to make best use of the network
  • communicate disruptive activities to residents and businesses, lowering contact centre costs through digital self-service
  • monitor and optimise traffic while reducing costs through replacement of physical sensor infrastructure with smart floating vehicle data solutions 
  • communicate directly with road users via real-time sat-nav updates, reducing congestion and associated environmental impacts

Before we introduced our solution into the market, roadworks information was siloed across hundreds of local authority databases,  road closures were communicated via notices in local newspapers and traffic authorities had no way of communicating live disruption information to sat-nav services.

Today, 98% of highway authorities in England & Wales use one.network services. We are proud to be helping authorities reduce costs, reduce congestion, communicate better with stakeholders and influence driver behaviour.

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