Utilities & Contractors

Transforming the way streetworks are planned and communicated.

Using one.network to plan and communicate street works activities, our customers reduce the cost of failure and protect their public image.

The utility sector is responsible for over two million streetworks a year. This number is increasing with the need to modernise infrastructure, roll out 5G and adapt our streets for electric vehicle charging.

The one.network platform is used widely by streetworks professionals for planning, coordinating and communicating works, with services that have proven to deliver substantial operational savings and regulatory incentives.

one.network is the primary channel of communication to the public about road and street works, handling over 22 million self-service enquiries per annum and rising. Some of the largest gas, water, power and telecoms companies rely on one.network to deliver targeted and positive messaging to protect their public image and deliver the best stakeholder experience.

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Streetworks teams rely on one.network to rapidly risk assess works sites early in the planning process, enabling better decisions to be made around scheduling, permitting and safety, delivering measurable benefits:

  • Reduction in aborts, re-plans, overruns, temporary reinstatements, traffic management compliance failures and FPNs
  • Standardisation of planning processes and better mitigation of health and safety risks
  • Reduction in customer/reputational risks by identifying potential issues before teams are on site

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