Traffic Replay

Advanced predictive traffic management planning and analysis tools.

Next generation traffic management intelligence

Causeway is partnering with some of the most advanced technology innovators in the market to develop the next generation in traffic management planning and analysis.

We're delighted to announce a new Causeway module, with the capability to visualise historic traffic patterns anywhere on the network, enabling planners to improve future traffic management planning decisions based on past experience.

Traffic Replay provides the opportunity to perform post-incident reviews, learn from the past, evidence improvements, and plan intelligently for the future. 

Use cases

  • Visualise what happened to traffic over 24 hours the last time a road was closed for major works.
  • Train your network managers, review incidents after the fact, or assess previous event performance.
  • Demonstrate how an incident or event evolved over time, and how your solutions mitigated its impact. 

The module is now fully operational and ready to use. Interested? Get in touch. – one platform to plan, monitor, communicate and analyse traffic disruptions.

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