Product Releases

Keep up to date with the latest product developments.

Product Release 2nd June 2022

This month, our development team has made some improvements to the map and several of our modules - particularly Route Manager and Historical Map. 

Product Release 20th April 2022

The update includes new electric vehicle charge point and Queen's Jubilee map layers (plus a Jubilee Traffic Management category), the ability to import footway information and Section 58 restrictions from Street Manager and some Bridges and Restrictions map layer developments.

Product Release 17th March 2022

This month we’ve made some improvements to several of our modules including Route Manager, Route Monitor and Traffic Management. We've also made some enhancements to the map and given the platform a bit of a UI refresh.

Product Release 27th January 2022

A focus on better bus route management and improvements for the following modules: Content Management, Route Manager,  and Traffic Management.

Product Release 16th December 2021

A major upgrade to, allowing for deeper integration with the DfT's Street Manager and improvements for Traffic Management, Route Manager and Reports.

Product Release 5th November 2021

This release includes a layer dedicated specifically to the Commonwealth Games (2022), a new Street Manager works start/stop functionality for Live Link and updates to both Route Manager and Route Monitor.