Smart City Applications

Forecast traffic patterns, optimise bus services and support the smart cities of the future.

The exponential growth of smart city and connected infrastructure technologies, represents not only an incredible opportunity to deliver transformational change, but also poses a real implementation challenge for road agencies and transport operators. The Causeway platform is purposefully designed to be future-ready and harness the latest solutions that enhance, not overwhelm, your existing operations.

Unlocking value

Citizen centric traffic management

Support active travel policies and improve public engagement by better communicating road changes, such as low-traffic neighbourhoods and cycle lanes, via Causeway and our data partners including Google and TomTom.

Harness power of connected vehicles

Causeway is the leading platform for road event and mobility data. With over 10 years' experience standardising and publishing authoritative data to partners such as Google and TomTom, we are perfectly positioned to enable authorities to influence road user behaviour in the connected age.

Enable smart mobility

Our platform is purpose built to enable easy integrations with mobility operators and data providers of all shapes and sizes. We're already developing our next-geneation of AI driven solutions that will forecast traffic patterns and auto detect hazardous roadworks by analysing data from vehicle sensors.

Smart City Applications Modules

Live Link

Transmit live road closure updates to sat-navs using's world-leading technology.

Data APIs

Roadworks and traffic management data to power your applications.

Traffic Replay

Visualisation of historical traffic patterns to support better planning.

Route Manager

Tool to define and manage bus routes, key route networks and other routes with the platform.

Traffic Simulator

On-demand traffic modelling for roadworks and events planning.

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