Produce traffic management and signage plans quickly and simply.

Traffic management plans made easy

The Signage add-on extends the capabilities of Traffic Management module to produce simple and effective traffic management and signage plans. For the majority of simple jobs it eliminates the need for complex CAD software and enables TM plans to be produced inexpensively in-house.

Full Chapter 8 signage layouts can be easily plotted and with the simple Google Maps interface combined with the detail and precision of OS MasterMap™, creating a TM plan is simply a matter of dropping signage icons on the map.

Signage layouts can be visualised in situ on the highway via Google Streetview. This virtual reality view gives an instant insight into viability and safety of the works site.

TM plans can be submitted to participating Highway Authorities seamlessly via the Plan Share add-on eliminating inefficient paper based processes and the errors that arise from multiple hand-offs.

Features and benefits

  • Reduced time and cost to create traffic management and signage plans suitable for submission to highway authorities.
  • Better quality control and communication through insourcing of TM plan production.
  • Virtual reality visualisation saves planning time and costs prior to site visits.

If you would like to know more about the Signage add-on and arrange a demo please contact us. – one platform to plan, monitor, communicate and analyse traffic disruptions.

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