One platform to plan, communicate and analyse every road event

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Causeway is now part of Causeway Technologies

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Route Monitor

Monitor performance of key routes and major schemes with no hardware costs.

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Case study - Ringway

Influencing driver behaviour using Causeway's real-time platform.

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The home of road and mobility data

Causeway transforms the way road agencies collaborate and communicate. With over 20,000 operational users and many millions of public consumers Causeway underpins traffic operations across the UK and for a rapidly growing customer base in the US.


Traffic operations

Manage congestion, improve safety and sustainability.

Roadworks management

Streamline planning, reduce costs and minimise traffic impacts.

Citizen communication

Empower road users, engage citizens and protect your corporate image.

Smart city applications

Forecast traffic patterns, optimise bus services and support the smart cities of the future.

What our clients say

“ is integral to our mission statement of managing the road network by securing the expeditious movement of traffic. The platform allows us to easily deliver an efficient, responsive and transparent traffic management service to road users and residents, ensuring that they get the very best and accurate information at all times. ”

Sonia Hansen, Traffic Manager, Transport Strategy and Network Management

Cambridgeshire County Council

“Critically, sharing clearer, more detailed, timely and accurate information with the public, enables better travel choices, leads to reduce congestion, improves customer satisfaction and reduces customer service calls. We believe we are being pro-active in our response to residents and stakeholders’ needs and it demonstrates we are an innovative authority.”

Matthew Jezzard Traffic Manager, Traffic & Streetworks Team

Surrey County Council

“ has helped us reduce permit rejections and improve our relationships with authorities, as well as speed up efficiency for our clients. It's been especially valuable during and post-pandemic, allowing us to self-source information and feed it back.”

Ben Pearce, Head Of Programme Office


“This technology is fantastic news for drivers in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas. Our Highways officers will be able to influence thousands of journeys in real-time, reducing traffic jams and making it easier for our emergency services to access incidents.”

Phil Bibby, Cabinet Member

Highways and Environment at Hertfordshire County Council

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Platform impact

Our shared road management platform connects authorities and utilities with the public, enabling safer journeys and paving the way for smart, connected mobility.

Eliminating silos brings a single, authoritative view of the road network enabling all teams across road authorities to collaborate effectively with each other and external agencies.

Reduced congestion

Our collaboration platform optimises limited road capacity by transforming planning, coordination and communication of roadworks and other activities that disrupt traffic.

CAV readiness

Connected and autonomous vehicles bring new opportunities and responsibilities. enables road agencies to harness the power of CV data and communicate live updates for a safe transition to automation.

Improving safety enables safer journeys by ensuring all changes to roads and temporary disruptions such as roadworks are communicated effectively.

Greater sustainability is an essential tool for driving net-zero outcomes, from cutting congestion to reducing emissions through digitalisation of every aspect of roadworks management and traffic operations.

Optimising journeys

The platform enables authorities to optimise journeys across their network. By ensuring people, passengers and goods can move quickly, safely and efficiently, councils strengthen the foundations for a thriving local economy.

Ready to get started?

Authorities, utility companies and transport operators of every size rely on the Causeway platform every day to plan, communicate and analyse events that impact our roads. Find out how we can help you.

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