25 June 2024

D-TRO is good to go: Causeway one.network is ready for D-TRO compliant TTRO management

In April 2024, we hosted a webinar offering an overview of the Digital Traffic Regulation Order (D-TRO) initiative and our collaboration with the DfT to streamline the transition to D-TRO compliant Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) management. Since then, we've engaged extensively with our customers, helping them understand the requirements and timelines for D-TRO compliance.

As the primary platform for creating and publishing TTROs in the UK, we have been integral to the DfT's D-TRO project from the outset. This means that we already have D-TRO compliance built into our Traffic Management module - which existing highway authority customers can take advantage of today, at no extra cost. 

Authorities such as Flintshire County Council have reported saving 25 working days annually by processing TTROs through Causeway one.network. Councils handling a higher volume of TTROs can achieve even greater time savings when using the platform effectively. 

If your authority subscribes to Traffic Management but you think you're not making the most of its capabilities, get in touch with us today to schedule a deep dive on best practices.

Alternatively, if you don't yet subscribe to Traffic Management and are keen to see the solution in action, book a live demo here. 

Coming Soon: End-to-End Digital TTRO Management with Plan Share

In Q4 2024, we will launch our new and improved Plan Share solution, offering an end-to-end service for managing TTRO applications digitally and geospatially. Subscribing highway authorities will be able to:

  • View all internal and external TTRO applications in dynamic list and map views.
  • Clearly track relationships between permits, traffic management plans, and TTROs.
  • Communicate with TTRO applicants via chat.
  • Create mandatory and optional TTRO document templates for applicants.
  • Track payment statuses of TTRO applications.
  • Configure visible and selectable road event and traffic management options for applicants.
  • Utilities and contractors can use the same solution to submit and track applications, enhancing relationships with authorities and expediting permit approvals. 

Highway authorities will also be able to embed our new Causeway one.network TTRO portal into their websites to receive D-TRO compliant TTRO applications from the public, utilities, and other stakeholders.

To learn more and potentially participate in our upcoming BETA, click here to complete a short form, and we'll be in touch!