Welsh Government

Improves nationwide planning, monitoring and communication of roadworks.

The Welsh Government has adopted the Causeway one.network traffic disruptions solution, to significantly improve the planning, monitoring and communication of road and street works across the entire nation – covering motorways, trunk routes and local roads.

The Challenge

The Welsh Government is responsible for 75 miles of motorway and over 1,000 miles of trunk road in Wales and works alongside the Principality’s 22 local highways authorities to minimise disruption throughout the national network.

Integrating a view of the strategic network and local roads is an essential part of coordination and traffic management. Welsh Government's aim is to manage roadworks, events and other disruptions in a way that minimises delay to road users, while facilitating essential maintenance and improvement work to services and infrastructure on which the Welsh economy and local communities rely.


Key Benefits

Instant identification of congestion

enables rapid intervention strategies to reduce traffic impact.

Better driver route choices

with instant communication of road closures to sat-navs.

Improved communication of works information

emphasising the positive investment Welsh Government is making in the network.

“We are using one.network all day, every day and I can only speak positively about it - of particular use to us in streetworks is the live traffic function."

Steven Gruffudd King LLB PGDIP

North & Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent

The Solution

Welsh Government has embedded the free-to-view one.network map into its Traffic Wales website, where users can see current and planned works, road closures and diversion, live incidents and public event information.

The information is available in both Welsh and English languages at traffic.wales and traffig.cymru. In the Traffic Wales control room a suite of map-based tools provide officers with live information on delays caused by roadworks and other traffic interventions, while operators on site at the side of the road are able to send live updates on road closures to sat-nav services, ensuring the drivers can choose quickest routes to minimise their journey times.

The one.network platform offers a secure, cloud-based, integrated operational toolkit to simplify network planning, management and communication. The suite includes,

Traffic Management - quick and easy preparation of high level or fully detailed traffic management plans such as road closures and diversion routes with instant communication of plans to external and internal Welsh Government stakeholder groups and to the public.

Content Management - enhanced communication of roadworks - works schedule information held in its own Streetworks system can be described in public-friendly terms with enhanced detail, emphasising the positive investment the Welsh Government is making in the strategic network.

Network Monitor - real-time monitoring giving up-to-the-minute information across motorways, trunk roads and local A roads about traffic jams – including their root cause (roadworks, incident, etc.) – current traffic speed, queuing times, etc.

Live Link – unique ability to update sat-nav services with real-time road closure information, enabling instant communication of closed or reopened roads with tens of thousands of motorists.

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