17 January 2018

England's Economic Heartland adopts roadworks.org traffic and transport map

Emerging sub-national transport body, England’s Economic Heartland (EEH), has adopted Elgin’s roadworks.org as its integrated traffic and transport map for the region.

EEH embeds roadworks.org map

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The embedded map (see link here), powered by roadworks.org, provides information across England's Economic Heartland on roadworks and other planned traffic disruptions, live traffic from Google, bus stops and train stations with live departure times and other information relevant to road and public transport users.

Martin Tugwell, Strategic Alliance Director for EEH commented:

“All of the Highway Authorities in England’s Economic Heartland have pooled their traffic and disruptions information to produce a regional and national view. It is a great example of shared services in action and provides EEH with its own sub-national regional map."


About England's Economic Heartland

As a voluntary partnership of councils and local enterprise partnerships, England’s Economic Heartland represents the key growth corridor from Oxfordshire through Milton Keynes and across to Cambridgeshire. It has a wide range of commerce and industry, but particularly in the field of science and technologic innovation. To learn more visit England's Economic Heartland website.