21 September 2019

one.network is live!

roadworks.org has moved to one.network - one platform to plan, monitor, communicate and analyse traffic disruptions.

one.network is now live

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This change reflects the much broader range of information that we communicate, from road closures and diversion routes, to public events and incidents – in fact anything that has the potential to cause disruption to the road network.

Members of the public navigating to roadworks.org will be seamlessly redirected to one.network (links to roadworks.org will continue to work indefinitely). 

There also will be no disruption to embedded maps within other websites - please contact us if you would like more information on embedding the map into your website.

one.network will also be the place where operational users log-in to access services such as Traffic Management module. (apps.roadworks.org will redirect to one.network for convenience). 

As part of the one.network redesign we have also simplified and clarified our services, and some modules have new names - for more details please click here. You can discover more about the platform and all of the modules here

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about one.network.