Live Link

Transmit live road closure updates to sat-navs using's world-leading technology.

Live sat-nav updates

With Causeway Live Link traffic authorities can send real-time road closure updates to sat-navs and consumer mapping services such as Google Maps and Apple Maps at the touch of a button, influencing driver behaviour and providing timely and accurate information to the public.

Using our Causeway Live Link App (search 'TM Roadside' in App stores), operators on site or in the control room can issue an instant status update as soon as the first cone is put down and the last cone removed, communicating to all mainstream sat-nav and mapping services at a stroke.


Influence driver behaviour

Developed in consultation with Google, TomTom and other major navigation service providers, Live Link provides a unique capability to influence the behaviour of thousands of vehicles in real-time. 


Use Cases

  • Roadworks – reduce driver inconvenience by informing journey planning apps as soon as a closure is in force. See the Ringway/Ringway Jacobs case study.
  • Major schemes – reduce localised congestion when closing strategic roads by enabling drivers to divert earlier.
  • Cycling and running events – manage pre-planned and rolling road closures in real-time, keeping local residents, spectators and road users updated.
  • Incident response – instantly communicate the live status of closures during major incidents.


Features & Benefits

  • Influence thousands of journeys in real-time, reducing traffic jams and improving road users’ experience.
  • Keep local residents informed.
  • Fully integrated into Traffic Management module: planned closures can auto-activate on a schedule.
  • Closure dashboard for traffic control officers.
  • Roadside App for on site operators.

Future developments has been commissioned by the Department for Transport to adapt the technology to work with Connected and Autonomous vehicles.

If you would like to know more or arrange a demo of Live Link please contact us. – one platform to plan, monitor, communicate and analyse traffic disruptions.

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