11 September 2019

one.network collaboration project wins Best Use of Technology Award

Winners! Department for Transport Special Recognition Award – Best Use of Technology

We are very pleased to announce that through our joint collaboration with Ringway and Ringway Jacobs, working on behalf of Hertfordshire and Essex County Councils respectively, we were presented with the award for Best Use of Technology within the highways and transportation sector. The award – which was given at the 2019 Strictly Highways Dinner, hosted by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group –  confirms that our solution, which delivers live road closure information to sat-nav devices and provides real-time network monitoring, has been extremely successful.

Through the development of this solution, road closures across Hertfordshire and Essex have been monitored to identify savings to the local economy. Of the 257 road closures that were communicated live to sat-nav, on average the actual time the closure was in force was 70 minutes less than originally planned. This equates to over 300 hours where roads would have been displayed as closed on sat-nav devices and drivers would have been unnecessarily diverted, had live information not been communicated.

This could not have been possible without the use of our real-time tools

  • Network Monitor - helps to better analyse and understand the cause of traffic jams and recognise their role in improving the planning and management of works.
  • Live Link - sends real-time road closure updates to sat-navs and consumer mapping services such as Google Maps and Apple Maps at the touch of a button, influencing driver behaviour and providing timely and accurate information to the public.

It is a proven approach that can drive a step-change in how live roadworks information can be exchanged and monitored across the industry and offers:

  • State of the art intelligence on live traffic issues across the entire network at a fraction of the cost of traditional “fixed infrastructure” solutions.
  • Visualisation and interrogation of live congestion data, mapped against roadworks, enabling the most disruptive works to be easily identified and managed.
  • The ability to influence vehicle routing by avoiding current roadworks and unnecessary diversions through live communication of what is happening from resources on the ground.
  • The ability to underpin an effective communications strategy improving customer satisfaction and public relations.

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