03 October 2023

Flintshire County Council saves 25 days a year managing TTROs & increases query resolution efficiency by 50% with new digital processes

The Covid-19 pandemic reshaped work dynamics, ushering in a surge of remote working and creating extra pressure on utility services. Then, the rapid fibre infrastructure roll-out began. 

Still relying on manual and time-consuming methods, Flintshire County Council (FCC) faced the formidable challenge of managing the subsequent influx of Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) in this transformed landscape. 

Additionally, the rush of activity on the roads led to an increased volume of public queries, further stretching council resources. In response, FCC decided to embrace a digital solution: one.network. 

Faster TTRO Management

With one.network, FCC’s Street Works team have gained a comprehensive digital overview of the road network, revolutionising their traffic order coordination. Their process is now 63% faster, saving them over 25 working days annually. 

Technical Officer, Kate Prior-Jones says, “one.network has made our TTRO management so much faster and easier. The map gives us a shared view of all activity on the network, allowing us to instantly spot conflicts which need to be rectified before approval.” 

Reduced Cancellations and Costs

The platform has also helped FCC minimise costly work cancellations. By using one.network’s Traffic Management module for planning and plotting street works, the Commercial Services team have streamlined operations, reduced delays and optimised resource allocation.  

Jack Mitchell, Streetscene Technical Officer for Service Delivery underscores the cost-saving impact, “The cancellation of works can be costly, and the system significantly reduces the need to cancel programmed works.”

Enhanced public communication

Flintshire now shares all roadworks and closures on one.network’s user-friendly map, making vital information easily accessible to the public, councillors, and external stakeholders.  The map is even embedded on the council’s website, further simplifying self-serving. 

Efficient query resolutions

Using one.network’s Historical Map, Flintshire has also expedited historical roadworks investigations. Previously, it took at least 5 minutes to conduct a single search for historical roadworks data. Now, this task can be completed 50% faster. 

Sam Tulley, Area Manager for Traffic, Street Works and Maintenance, notes: “one.network saves me significant time when investigating disruption reports compared to a traditional desktop-based street works register system.”

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