27 April 2023

Croydon Council sees 40% reduction in public roadworks queries using one.network

Croydon Council is responsible for coordinating and communicating roadworks across 777km of public highway for over 385,000 residents. 

Previously this was a manual and laborious process requiring spreadsheets, Outlook calendars and a physical map. It was complex, inefficient and at easy risk of error. 

With reduced capacity and the road network now at the busiest it’s ever been, Croydon’s Street Works and Network Management teams decided to procure one.network to digitalise and streamline their works coordination and communication.  

This has unlocked some fantastic results:

  • Minimised re-planning jobs, saving significant time and enabling increased availability of staff. 
  • 40% reduction in inbound enquiries from the public – as a result of an improved self-serving experience. 
  • Simplified planning and coordinating works across the borough – both internally and externally with utilities and surrounding authorities

Hilary Dickson, Traffic Manager at Croydon Council, said:

“After experiencing a team reduction, one.network has become absolutely critical. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to maintain the road network according to requirements. It’s had a major impact, simplifying our processes and enabling us to plan and coordinate works far more efficiently. And there’s still so much more for us to unlock. We hope for one.network to become the blueprint for traffic management at Croydon.”

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