21 March 2024

[WEBINAR] Simplifying the transition to D-TRO compliant TTRO management with one.network and the DfT


Featuring updates and insight from Paul Chandler, Head of Traffic Management Digital Services at DfT and Adam Graham, one.network's Chief Product Officer.

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In early 2024, Roads Minister Guy Opperman declared intentions to mandate the digitalisation of all Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), marking a significant stride toward modernising and streamlining TRO management. 

Historically, the methods for managing TROs have varied greatly across different authorities. Ranging from manual paper procedures to distinct digital systems, the broad spectrum of TRO workflows has led to inconsistent and non-standardised TRO data provision. In instances where digital systems were employed, they have lacked interoperability, resulting in data isolation.

The new Digital Traffic Regulation Order (D-TRO) initiative seeks to shift all TRO establishment to a digital realm, consolidating data in a single, central repository.  This will support new services, digital mapping, plus the digital infrastructure necessary for connected and autonomous vehicles and crucial for road safety. With all TRO data in a central, digital database, authorities will then also benefit from greater operational efficiency. 

The project has progressed through the discovery and alpha phases. Now it’s gearing up for a public beta launch in October 2024, putting the pressure on authorities to swiftly prepare a digital strategy and solution.  

By April 2025, all TROs will need to be digitally processed in a standardised data format and synchronised within a single central database. Naturally, Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TTROs) fall under these amendments, and this is where one.network comes into play. 

Leading the way forward

one.network stands prepared to simplify digital TTRO workflows. Our platform is interoperable and can seamlessly integrate with any other TRO software provider. It is used by 113 UK authorities to generate and manage temporary traffic regulation orders for works and closures. For instance, Flintshire County Council now operates 63% more efficiently in processing TTROs, saving 25 minutes per traffic order and 25 working days annually.

Kate Prior-Jones, Flintshire County Council Technical Officer, shared: “one.network has made our TTRO management so much faster and easier. The map gives us a shared view of all activity on the network, allowing us to instantly spot conflicts which need to be rectified before approval.

Now, deepening our collaboration with the Department for Transport, we are set to bolster the D-TRO initiative. We have been working together since the alpha phase to ensure we have a solution that can support D-TRO requirements.

Since Street Manager will not have digital TTRO capabilities, we’re developing new features for our Traffic Management module that will be ready to launch in line with the D-TRO beta period. These new features will empower users to create D-TRO-compliant TTROs from within one.network. Even better, these features will be added at no extra cost for our existing Traffic Management customers.

With this upgraded version of Traffic Management, users can rely on a seamless, digital TTRO management experience that automatically integrates with their TRO system, saving time, money and manual efforts.  

Looking Ahead

Later this year, we will also introduce a new public portal experience on one.network. This will allow the public, event organisers and works promoters to submit digital TTRO applications to highway authorities effortlessly.

By implementing a fully digitalised application process for TTROs, authorities will benefit from a streamlined workflow and enhanced efficiency.  

With over 160 utilities and contractors already using one.network to plan their street works, plus over 17 million public platform users, this new functionality will help further enhance collaboration between stakeholders and simplify the coordination of temporary events on the UK road network.

Eager to learn more about our collaboration with the Department for Transport and how we're planning to support the D-TRO transition?

Watch the webinar to hear from our CPO Adam Graham and Paul Chandler, the Department for Transport's Head of Traffic Management Digital Services, on all the forthcoming changes.