14 October 2021

Winners! UK Business Tech Awards, Transport Tech Company of the Year 2021

one.network wins Transport Tech Company of the Year award at the UK Business Tech Awards 2021.

The transport industry is changing rapidly and presenting challenges to the authorities that manage our roads:the expansion of the EV network, the introduction of smarter transport options, the emergence of connected and autonomous vehicles and of course, the mission to decarbonise. Both highway authorities and utility companies plan and execute thousands of street works and road events every year, and this is only increasing with the roll out of fast fibre networks, of EV charging points, smart mobility hubs and cycle lanes.

Not only are these developments having an unfortunate effect on workload for these organisations, they are also necessitating a change in method when it comes to data. With the arrival of connected and autonomous vehicles on the roads, and our ever-increasing digital world, highway authorities and utility companies need their works and road event data in a digital format to ensure the roads remain safe, the public are kept informed and congestion (and as a result carbon pollution) is minimised. Works and road event information needs to be communicated digitally, online, in real-time to achieve this.

Navigating this new world won’t be easy and that’s why one.network, have developed tech to help highway authorities and utilities manage. We’re on a mission to enhance travel, traffic operations and safety by improving the way highway authorities and utility companies collaborate and communicate. 

Already, our technology has transformed the way streets are managed. Now, our platform has more than 100,000 operational users and our market has expanded to encompass all organisations that rely on clear roads – as well as connected and autonomous vehicles.

We’re providing organisations with the technology they need to plan, communicate and analyse every road event digitally and from a single dashboard. Most importantly, our platform facilitates reliable communication of road disruptions and essential information to the public on the one.network map. We send live road closure updates to all major sat-navs including Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom, Waze and HERE Technologies. This means highway authorities and utility companies can ensure every vehicle is connected by providing both drivers and autonomous vehicles with up-to-the-minute updates about closures and disruptions on the roads.

These capabilities are helping hundreds of organisations that manage or disrupt the roads in the course of their work to better plan and communicate to ensure disruptions to road users are minimised, and where disruption is inevitable that it is communicated clearly. As the industry moves forwards and grapples with the ever important, but changing role of the roads our technology is future proofing them to manage effectively now and in the future. 

It is a great honor to win the 2021 UK Business Tech Transport Tech Company of the Year Award. It will help us achieve recognition and spread awareness of our technology and the positive impact it can have for highway authorities and utility companies, as we develop and modernise the UK road network. This award will help us highlight to the authorities and utilities that we don’t yet work with, that there is a simple solution to the challenges they are facing: one which can help them keep the roads safe and clear, despite the vast volume of work and change taking place right now. 

As we begin our journey towards transforming US road operations, this award will be of huge merit, helping highlight to agencies how our technology can help them meet the challenges of dynamic network management, connected and autonomous vehicles and net zero, just as it has done for our UK market.