Wokingham Borough Council

Managing and monitoring congestion on Wokingham's roads

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Wokingham Borough Council uses a whole suite of Causeway one.network’s operational modules to help manage and communicate traffic disruptions

The Challenge

one.network and Wokingham Borough Council joined forces back in 2012.

At the time, severe flooding was devastating the Council’s key routes, and it became essential to communicate the disruption to residents and road users across the borough.

In addition, Wokingham has never had a control room in the traditional sense, and yet has some very congested areas and dense neighbourhoods – meaning the team required more precise information for effective congestion management.

Key Benefits

Maintain safe and clear roads

by creating detailed traffic management plans on one.network

Keep the public up-to-date

with the ability to provide live, accurate updates on works and closures

Identify network issues quickly

with automatic alerts about journey times

"Wokingham Borough Council has never had a control room in the traditional sense. With Route Monitor, we can understand more precisely the impact of our decisions. It gives us what we need to deliver things on a desktop basis."

Ed Day

Streetworks Traffic Manager at Wokingham Borough Council

The Solution

Since 2012, Wokingham has grown its use of the one.network platform to incorporate a whole suite of our operational modules.

The Council uses our Traffic Management module to maintain safe and clear roads, helping drivers and active travel users to plan their routes around works and other traffic incidents. The street works team then uses one.network to provide the public with live, accurate updates on works and closures in the borough, running social media pages on Twitter and Facebook and producing a weekly newsletter through the platform’s reporting capabilities.

Ed Day, Streetworks Traffic Manager, praises the platform and states that his favourite feature of one.network is its level of detail, and the flexibility it offers in viewing and presenting data. As a smaller highway authority, he notes, Wokingham finds one.network’s value massive.

You can watch a short overview video here

Monitoring key routes

To acquire the precise information and data Wokingham needed for its congestion management, the Council began using our Route Monitor module.

This helps them keep tabs on traffic across the most important routes in the borough, and pioneer a data-led approach to congestion management. Route Monitor highlights potential issues and helps the Wokingham team respond to them before they become problems.

With Route Monitor, Wokingham can view the status of all the borough’s key routes at a glance in an intuitive map-based format. It helps the Council understand more precisely the impact of their decisions by highlighting and instantly alerting them when the average journey time on a route climbs above a pre-defined threshold. This means they can work to mitigate the issue at once – and the time they have to spend on active monitoring is dramatically reduced.

In other words, it gives them what they need to deliver things on a desktop basis.

Watch this video to hear how Ed Day, Streetworks Traffic Manager at Wokingham Borough Council, uses Route Monitor to keep track of congestion on key routes. 

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