Product Release 17th March 2022

What's new in Causeway version e2.14.0?


This month we’ve made some improvements to several of our modules. First, with a number of authorities currently onboarding Route Manager, we’ve released new features based on customer feedback. In addition, we’ve also made some enhancements to Route Monitor, Traffic Management and the map.

Our development team have also been busy giving the platform a bit of a Spring clean; the platform has had a bit of a UI refresh with some changes to font, buttons and how other controls look and feel which you can see in the screenshots throughout. We hope you love these changes as much as we do!

Now let’s dig into the details:

Route Manager

Route Manager is our bus route management solution; it allows local authorities and bus operators to better collaborate to avoid clashes between roadworks and bus routes, and plan and communicate diversions where needed. 

As we mentioned earlier, with the increase of highway authorities implementing Route Manager, we’ve released some new features based on customer feedback, including: 

  • Enhanced clash performance, making loading and filtering clashes between road works and bus routes much faster.
  • Search support for clashes, allowing you to search for a specific clash between road works and a bus route, rather than looking for it on the map.
  • A Bus Stop dashboard widget to the Route Manager side dashboard which displays stats for the number of bus stops. 
  • The addition of ACTO and NaPTAN codes to Bus Stops, helping users identify bus stops and which authority they fall under. 

Route Monitor

Our Route Monitor module allows users to monitor traffic in real-time along select key routes to help manage and mitigate congestion. 

We’ve made it easier to retrospectively analyse route performance by making ‘Typical Travel Time’ and ‘Threshold’ values available in historical data CSV exports. Users can now dig into greater levels of detail in addition to using the online dashboard. 

Traffic Management

You may remember that back in November, as part of version e.2.11.0, we released a new map layer dedicated specifically to the upcoming Commonwealth Games, providing every organisation working on the roads around Birmingham with a fuller picture of diversions and disruptions in the area. 

In this update, we’ve added ‘Commonwealth Games’ as a ‘Category’ option for traffic management plans in our Traffic Management module under the Step 1 Category list. This means users can now clearly communicate where traffic management plans are directly related to the Commonwealth Games. 

This is just one example of how is being used to help a highway authority plan and communicate the precise impact of a large-scale event on the road network. Highway Authorities and event planning organisations all over England use to plan, coordinate and communicate road closures and diversions for a vast array of events including royal events (namely Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018) and sporting events such as the Tour of Cambridge, Tour of Yorkshire, Windsor Triathlon and the Royal Ascot, as well as the largest marathon events in the UK. map

Returning to the Commonwealth Games, this month we’ve added the Commonwealth Games map layer to the Public Events drop-down list so you can filter specifically to see activity on the roads which relates to the event on the map.  

If you have any questions about this update or are interested in hearing more about any of the modules we’ve mentioned, please contact the team. For the latest news be sure to follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.