What's new in Causeway one.network version e2.29.0?


In this release, we're introducing two new user-requested features to help support your environmental initiatives, plus some improvements for Plan Share, Traffic Management and the one.network map. 


Clean Air Zones

We have added a new Clean Air Zone data layer to the one.network map, allowing you to view CAZ boundaries on the map and access relevant information. This data layer will show CAZ boundaries in the following areas:

  • Aberdeen
  • Bath
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Bradford
  • Dundee
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • London
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Oxford
  • Portsmouth
  • Sheffield

If you are a highway authority with a CAZ and do not see it listed here, please get in touch.

When you click on a Clean Air Zone, a callout will open, providing details such as vehicle charges and standards. You can also click through to the local authority's dedicated CAZ web page for more information.

This enhancement will streamline road and street works coordination, enabling you to plan diversion routes that avoid Clean Air Zones and consider construction vehicle charges. Additionally, this data layer will facilitate more precise and efficient responses to penalty notice disputes.

Cycle Lane Closures and Suspensions

If you're a customer of our Traffic Management module, you will now be able to plot cycle lane closures and suspensions on the one.network map during Traffic Management Step 2. This will make it easier to communicate when and where cycle lanes will be disrupted by road events.

Other improvements

one.network Map 

We have made some adjustments to the way map dates are changed when searching and selecting road events on the map.

Now, when you search for road or street works using a permit reference number and select a permit from the drop-down menu, the map search dates will automatically update to match those on the selected permit.

This improvement ensures a more logical and consistent approach when using the one.network map.

Plan Share 

Our Plan Share solution allows users to digitally submit approve, reject, and communicate about traffic management plans and TTROs within one.network. This streamlines collaboration between highway authorities and third party works promoters during the street works process.

Now, individual Plan Share users will receive email alerts whenever they receive a chat message from another organisation within Plan Share on one.network. Users will have the option to turn these notifications on or off in their individual user account settings.

Traffic Management 

Finally, we have made some small improvements to the user experience and interface of our Traffic Management module to further simplify usability for our customers.

If you have any questions on anything included in this release, please contact support@one.network