Product Release 28th November 2019

Route Monitor Release

Real-time monitoring and alerts for key routes and major works

One of the challenges faced by highway authorities and contractors is prioritisation of resources. Route Monitor works in the background to monitor the performance of the most important routes on the network, showing route conditions on a simple real-time dashboard and automatically generating alerts when issues occur that may require intervention.

Route Monitor can track routes spanning any roads on the network from Motorways to minor roads. Each route is monitored in real-time using TomTom’s highly accurate floating vehicle data. Key metrics including current journey time and average speed are displayed on a simple and effective dashboard, enabling the health status of the network to be checked at a glance.

Email alerts can be configured to user defined thresholds meaning that the system will work in the background and flag issues as they occur, reducing the need for teams to proactively monitor traffic.

Features & Benefits

  • Frees up staff from having to proactively monitor the network by auto generating alerts when route performance drops below user defined thresholds.
  • Measures current journey times and compares them to normal conditions adjusted for the time of day / day of the week, highlighting when routes are running slower than expected.
  • RAG dashboard shows the health status of key routes at a glance. Users can drill down to get segment-by-segment view of traffic speeds.
  • Monitored routes can be defined with total flexibility, spanning strategic, major and local road networks.
  • Communication with drivers is supported via the Route Monitor VMS integration.
  • Hardware free solution: No costly roadside sensors such as ANPR or Bluetooth. 

Where can I get more information?

Route Monitor is available now.

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