Product Update 20th August 2021

What's new in Causeway version e2.9.0?


Our development team has been working hard on some improvements for this update: version e2.9.0. Read on to learn what’s new and what’s changed.

The map

The map is the foundation of our platform, so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve it. One particularly exciting change in this update relates to our extremely popular email alerts feature.

Over 22,000 email alerts have been created to date by users. We’ve now added extra location detail to these alerts, meaning street names and neighbourhoods are visible for the first time.

And there’s more — here are some additional updates to the map:

  • We’ve improved the accuracy of our search for addresses and postcodes, to help you find information more easily.
  • Forward Planning Works and Change Requests from Street Manager are now visible
  • Emergency works and closures will now be displayed on the map and are clearly visible with their own special icon.

Traffic Management

You asked, we built it: it’s now possible to upload non-PDF documents (such as Word or Excel files) in Step 3 of creating traffic management plans in Traffic Management.

In addition, we’ve implemented the ability to mark street works plans as emergencies so you can now provide more accurate information to stakeholders about the works you’re conducting.

Content Management

Our Content Management module, which lets users add rich detail and media to their works on the map, has been updated to cover both incidents and traffic management plans.

That means that you can add even more detail to events, emergency closures, and more, keeping road users informed and able to self-serve queries.

Data APIs & Works Planning

We’ve extended our Works Planning Data API to include street name information for roadworks.

Another important development: if you’re a works promoter and you’ve given us permission to share works and location descriptions, these will now be available via our suite of Data APIs.

Route Manager

Updates to our Route Manager module include:

  • Improved route status display in list entries.
  • The option to include enforcement patterns in our Bus Routes API.

Live Link

The recent design changes to our Live Link mobile app (on the App Store and Google Play) are now reflected in the desktop version, meaning it’s easier than ever to manage and communicate real-time updates to road closures.

We’ve also added the ability to filter on the web dashboard in the same way you can in the app.

Route Monitor

Previously, Route Monitor alerts could only be set up for time delays based on journey time thresholds in hours or minutes — for example, ‘If journey times are four minutes longer than usual, display the route as amber and alert me.’

Now, you can also set up alerts based on the delay expressed as a percentage increase over normal conditions, for example, ‘If journey times are 10% longer than usual, display the route as amber and alert me’.


Our Reports module now includes emergency and historical works, as well as those happening currently and in the future, enabling you to output a report on the full range of works information held in

If you have any questions about this update, or are interested in hearing more about the modules we've mentioned, please contact the team. For the latest news, be sure to follow us on Linkedin or Twitter.