Product Release 9th August 2019

Map embeds, visibility and user location updates

What is changing?

As you may be aware, will shortly be moving to and we are busy bringing the new website to life.

While we work towards the launch of in September, we are continuing to deliver improvements to our solutions.

Many organisations embed the map within their own websites and we encourage all our customers to do this. The latest changes give you greater control and make the map more user friendly, with the ability to display the user’s location and refinements to the way information is displayed.


Embedding and customising the map on your website

The ability to embed the map into your organisation’s web pages is a powerful feature, enabling you to tailor what information you want to share with the public. The latest changes allow you to display only those roadworks and traffic management interventions that your organisation is responsible for. This can be useful for Utilities and Highway Authorities who want to create a communication channel specific to their own works. It is also ideal for event organisers who need to communicate road closures and other traffic interventions for specific events. A custom map can even be created for an individual works or scheme to give maximum visibility to stakeholders.

To find out more about embedding the map into your own website, click here or contact your account manager. The move to will be seamless: embedded maps will continue to work without any changes being made to your website.

Better visibility of roadworks

We heard your feedback that the absence of detailed roadworks icons when the map is zoomed out makes operations such as plotting long diversion routes within Traffic Management App difficult. We have changed the behaviour of the map so that detailed icons are visible with the map zoomed further out than previously.

Display user location

When the user clicks on the “Show my location” feature, their location is now indicated by a blue dot which will be familiar to users of Google Maps and similar services. This feature works on both mobile and desktop devices so long as the device and browser are configured to share your location.

You don't need to do anything. These improvements will be released by Friday 9th August morning and the functionality will automatically be visible on services. The new options for embedded map are fully backwards compatible and will not impact existing embedded maps.